The Cavalier Luigi Armondi is an ancient and contemporary art specialist: he creates expert reports and studies for the evaluation of works, and catalogues and conducts historical research of property from private collections and hereditary funds.

The first working experience of Cav. Armondi was in Brescia, where in the ‘70s he founded the magazine Pinxit, a collection of works by contemporary painters.
Between 1972 and 1987 he worked at the Bolaffi Publishing House – renamed later Bolaffi Mondadori – where he dealt with the preparation of catalogues of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, ancient art, modern art, 19th century art, Bolaffi art, and Bolaffi antiques.
During this period he came into contract with numerous artists, and worked with historians and art critics such as Professor Giulio Briganti and Professor Mina Gregori.

  • In 1985 Cav. Armondi opened his first gallery in Brescia, Studio Arredo Antichità.
  • In 1989 he founded and opened the Galleria d’Arte Armondi.
  • In 2012 he founded the company WAC, a business agency and intermediary for the acquisition of artwork.

Over the course of thirty years as an antiquarian, Armondi worked side by side with Professor Federico Zeri, who oversaw the multi-million pound production and preparation of exhibition catalogues, “Antologia di Antichi Maestri”. He also compiled, catalogued and assessed the inventories of artistic goods on behalf of leading private and public collections.

These included:

– Palazzo Moroni in Bergamo-now Foundation Museum of Palazzo Moroni: was in charge of cataloguing all historical artistic content and general inventory.
– Grande Fondo Artistico Baron Josè Vita, Paris: oversaw the inventory; the works were then sold and acquired by the largest museums in France.
– Oversaw numerous private collections, studying and cataloguing the works that were then sold on the international market. You cannot cite these collections for compliance with privacy legislation.

The Cav. Armondi is a qualified member of the Association of the Court and the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia (# 218) and a member of the Unione Europea Esperti d’Arte(# 58).

Thanks to his excellent knowledge of European painting and sculpture (marble, wood, bronze) he is a consultant to parties on behalf of insurance companies, and also cooperates with national and international foundations, banks, museums and is a consultant to major international auction houses.  He offers private collectors intermediary services for the buying and selling of works of art; and for the marketing of these goods on the domestic and international markets in collaboration with world-renowned merchants and auction houses.

His passion for his work often takes him to Asia, where he spends long periods studying the local art history, with a particular interest in sculpture and ceramic painting.

Finally the Cav. Armondi deals with consultation for exports of goods abroad and performs audits for damage by fire, flood, and vandalism, as well as evaluations of artistic heritage, in light of the possible division of an inheritance. He also provides legal CITES documentation for the marketing of protected species.