Art valuation

It is essential for the art collector
to insure himself against any calamity.

WAC can provide you

Purchasing an artwork is highly rewarding but could sometimes be stressful if you think to all the accident that could occur in a lifetime: fires, humidity, water as well as robberies or some involuntary acts could damage an object or cause its loss.

Insurance companies often have their own experts to value the artworks, but it could be worth asking for the opinion of an external impartial specialist before subscribing any contract and even in the unlucky event of damage or loss. In fact an external expert could advise you not just about the value of the artwork, but also about the latest trends of the art market: sometimes even a two-of-years-old expertise is no longer reliable.

a business agency
and brokerage firm
for the acquisition of works of art.

A valuation is often offered for free by the insurance company in case of damage whereas a second one privately requested obviously has a cost. Nevertheless that cost could be paid back if it could help obtaining of the highest reimbursement from the insurance.

Even in case of damage or accident.

WAC can provide you with private consultancy for your artworks offering the experience of its specialists both to collectors and insurance companies. Contact us today for more information.