The agency organizes exhibitions of any type of artwork, both in Italy and abroad. It is an advisor and consultant for the opening of galleries; it deals with the mediation in the acquisition of works of the exhibition, and the entire organization of the event, thus offering a turnkey service.

WAC is able to certify every art material: every work sold is accompanied by the certificates required by the Superintendent or by the Ministry for the Preservation of Fine Art.

To private clients WAC offers consultancy services for the acquisition of objects and works of art such as bronzes, marbles, paintings, and furniture, both modern and ancient. The art experts who work for the agency assist private collectors in the buying and selling on the domestic and international market. For the purposes of investment, they know how to advise artists in both technical and/or artistic material and then manage the acquisition by carrying, where necessary, the ministerial practices and documentation necessary for free movement and possibly the subsequent marketing of the works.

The WAC also consults in the case of the loaning of works, an extremely delicate operation as a meticulous expertise is necessary for the purposes of obtaining adequate insurance coverage.
The experts of the agency will assist the service provider at the bureaucratic level, namely with regard to the insurance superintendent and experts, both in the organization of the exchange.